Welcome to Ouzina Desert Morocco

Behind the high Atlas Mountains of Marrakech, A mysterious landscape is hidden, Magical and beautiful: OUZINA DESERT, heart of Morocco. The desert of Morocco gives us a feeling of stepping back in time, causing us to forget about the existence of the rest of the planet. What you're going to find here is a world of fortifications, of small houses, of Berber castles or Kasbahs, of forts abandoned by foreign legions ... These were, of small houses, part of the camel routes between Marrakech and the great trading capitals in the Sahara desert.

We know that visiting the Sahara Desert is one of the main reasons to go to Morocco. Sleeping in a Haima surrounded by the stars was also one of our dreams, And like everyone who's ever experienced it, We can say that the experience is well worth the trip.

Traveling to the Sahara Desert is much more than stepping on large dunes: is to cross the Atlas, is to get to know the Berber culture, It's getting lost among palm groves, It's visiting centuries-old Kasbahs and experiencing intense emotions.

For all these reasons, if you are one of those who need a few days away from everything to disconnect, our Hotel is perfect for you. It is decorated in the traditional Berber style, and the most intrepid guests have the opportunity to stay in Berber tents or camp, which are located in the dunes next to the hotel.

Our wonderful team of expert guides organize:

  • desert camps in the dunes of Ouzina Desert and all over Morocco too, For Groups, friends, families, couples, Raids and rally… 
  • Tours and Excursions in 4×4, Motorcycle, Quad bikes and buggies around the desert and all over Morocco.
  • We offer mechanical assistance in Rallies or Raids
  • Multi-day desert trekking routes on foot and on camels
  • We organize multi-day activities around OUZINA DESERT, including visits to the Desert Nomads, the Mines, Oasis, Berber Village, Lost City & Market Visits (Souk o Zoco), etc ….

Our location in Ouzina, a few kilometers from Algeria... In the middle of it all, in the middle of nowhere. Breathing…

Watching, Seeing and looking. Thinking...

Between improvised fires, brightly colored turbans…palms and drums. It's not a mirage. It's OUZINA DESERT, one of the driest and loneliest deserts in the world, and where we wait for you with open arms.

From end to end of the universe, It is a refuge for a stay as different as it is unrepeatable.. From live music, camel rides, Trekking, until crossing the desert in a 4×4, Quad, Buggy o Moto… a luxury experience combined with the most exotic landscapes.

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